Home elevators for disabled and the elderly


Home elevators for disabled and the elderly by IGV Group. DomusLift is the company’s flagship product, a state-of-the-art homelift, ideal for internal and external use, designed to meet the requirements of vertical mobility.

These home elevators offer a wide choice of highly customizable models aimed at removing the architectural barriers in public and private buildings.

Automatic sliding doors, available upon request as an alternative to traditional swing landing doors, ensure ease of use, just like in a traditional elevator.

Multiple accessories and finishes, along with S and XS versions, designed for small spaces, and XL, designed for a larger car, make Domuslift domestic lifts the best choice not only for home but for any mobility need.

DomusLift home elevators for disabled and the elderly blend into any environment, into new or existing buildings, adding value.


DomusLift home elevators quick installation procedure requires minimum builder’s work, thanks to the reduced pit and headroom. The installation also needs limited regulatory approval and benefits from reduced maintenance costs and low energy consumption by using the standard household 230V outlets.


The car is enclosed on three sides and the infrared barrier on the access side guarantees passengers’ safety. The enabling key on the pushbutton panels prevents the use from unauthorised persons. In case of power failure, an automatic controlled device brings the car back to the landing and allows the exit of passengers.


DomusLift offers a choice of extremely functional and customisable solutions with special accessories, such as the powered door opening and landing calls. DomusLift is an affordable solution ideal for those with impaired mobility or special needs.


DomusLift is a truly all-around product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs and tastes. From the garage to the roof, DomusLift travels effortlessly up to seven floors.

Elegance and style

The special models MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, Liberty with Trend mosaic, Light-Touch by Giugiaro Architettura, Leather, Carbon, Chrome, Classic and Art Line, add exclusive style and elegance, while enhancing any environment.

DomusLift is a 100% Made in Italy product, guaranteeing state-of-the art technology by IGV Group. IGV Group is a company with headquarters in Milan (Italy). The company has had a leading role in the design and manufacturing of lifts and lifting platforms since 1966.

Home elevators for the elderly and disabled DomusLift


IGV Group focuses on energy saving and is fully committed to the safeguard of the natural environment.

DomusLift, the eco lifting platform, features a LED technology for the car lighting and is available in two versions: traction with inverter gearless motor for maximum performance and reduced consumptions, and hydraulic, with 100% biodegradable green oil (upon request).

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